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RLC would like to introduce you to Joe Rivera of Alliance Funds Group!

Alliance Funds Group (AFG) is an investment capital firm participating in RLC’s Connect

partnership program. The RLC Connect program matches businesses with diverse suppliers

who seek to diversify their supplier base. AFG is an investment capital firm that is a certified

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that supplies products and services. We are excited to

share a few insights from this positive community leader.


Here at AFG we have the capabilities to work with companies in our community that are

overlooked from a traditional banking perspective,” stated Joe. “The steps to improve these

opportunities for diverse business owners should be setting up an online platform for

businesses to access that is specifically designated for the SMB (Small Minority Businesses)

space. From our perspective, Commercial/Enterprise space is set up for that. Currently, we are

working on this as a lender for SMB diverse business owners."

Next, we thought our readers would like to hear Joe's advice for those starting out particularly in

today's social and racially tensed climate. He recommended being “very consistent and

persistent with your business plan. Stay true to who you are and what you know. Failing is part

of the entrepreneurial mindset, so fail fast and often in order to learn and navigate the future you have in mind for yourself. Violence should not beget violence. The world needs to operate from an abundance of love if we all work together."

We at RLC interpret Joe’s words as guidance to keep moving forward! Learn as you go and do

not dwell too much on these failures, even the greatest inventors in the world failed a few times

or a hundred! You would be surprised how many excellent ideas or opportunities arise from

those failed attempts. Be open and always be curious. Time is never wasted when you have

learned something.

While you are on your entrepreneurial journey, if you ever need financing for equipment,

business loans, or working capital infusions, then please keep Joe and AFG in mind! He

is passionate about what he does and promotes operating from an abundance of love while we

all work together during these turbulent times. RLC is very appreciative of this Connect partnership!  Thank you, Joe, for an excellent interview!

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