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RLC would like to introduce you to Ameerah Saine of Brunch and Slay!

Brunch and Slay is a digital media company that offers businesses marketing to digital strategy. RLC Diversity is proud to have Brunch and Slay as a client, it is also a historically underserved business. Historically underserved businesses, or HUBs, are often in need of spotlight treatments in the media to gain attention, especially in today's market where minority business owners are seeing a huge impact on business due to current events. 


Being a diverse business owner impacts the community in many ways, such as giving the youth a positive role model. Ameerah recognizes this as her role in her community as she is conscientious that she stands "out in different rooms... being the person in charge means being seen as an industry leader." Thanks to her passion to help others and the services she offers through Brunch and Slay, Ameerah is able to push herself as a leader and to take steps to create opportunity for others. 


Ameerah not only services as a public figure in her community, but she stresses the importance of mentorship. She strives to mentor however she can to individuals and to businesses. Ameerah says, it “doesn't have to be formal. As a business first begins, they need a guide. It's my responsibility to be available... and point them in the right direction." Ameerah mentioned that diversity programs have helped her business, and we at RLC couldn’t agree more. By becoming “a minority owned business” Brunch and Slay has “government certifications such as the HUB certification,” which has "gotten [her] in the room and created collaboration." Collaboration is key to increasing business opportunities and maintaining relationships, especially when an entrepreneuer is just starting out. According to Ameerah, these entrepreneuers should, "seek counsel,” and, “find someone who's been where you are and who's ahead of you." One of the best pieces of advice she gives during her mentorships is to “know your business' direction” by recognizing "where you were, where you are, and where you're going." 


With clear enthusiasim, Ameerah’s next comment/advice was to take action! In the face of today's social climate, she insists we "keep the conversation going." At Brunch and Slay, they do their best "to make sure we are not forgetting and not fading away in a hashtag..." And, "doing everything we can to keep this thing in motion." Through her HUB business and her mentorships, Ameerah hopes we can all work together in an active way to bring about change. 


Thank you, Ameerah for a wonderful interview! We hope this inspires our readers to reach out to Brunch and Slay to bring their own passion to light to keep the conversation going and to bring about positive change to all of our communities!

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