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YEP Nation, Inc.

YEP Nation offers a broad range of Digital Media services. YEP Nation evolved from a training and marketing firm in Chicago with more than 30 years of experience. They supply engaging learning programs for organizations from a broad range of business sectors such as consumer package goods, telecommunications, real estate, finance, retail, medical, transportation manufacturing and higher education.

In addition to studio-based teams, YEP Nation works with university students to produce the programs and to create the Positive Media. Their Creative Media Zones (Youth Program Support) allows the program’s footprint to take youth from elementary school all the way through college in the Creative Arts field.

At YEP Nation, the goal is to help young women get valuable job skills in the media creation field for a pathway to a career or to become entrepreneurs. With this skill YEP Nation also wants to have a growing “Army of Good” (AOG) who will use their new production skills to create positive media to battle the onslaught of negative media.

YEP Nation Communication Services has developed a Mobile App service to address the disconnection of students and parents from school and youth organization officials. There is a Public and Administration version of the Mobile App. The students and parents can download the school’s free mobile app from the Apple or Google Play store. The administrator just types the message into their phone and the installed app will display a notification. Once the users read and click on the notification, they will be taken to the mobile app where more detailed information can be displayed. This service can add on to or replace RoboCall technology that is currently used to reach people, thereby getting the direct attention and both parents and students.

Below are descriptions of more of the services provided by YEP Nation.


E-learning & Mobile Learning Development

YEP Nation has a team of Professionals that develop custom and creative e-learning programs using the latest software and media development tools to ensure that the program is engaging and effective. All their courses are designed to play on desktops, laptops, and all mobile devices which allows for effective training in the field.


YEP Nation- Private Virtual Metaverse

Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality are rapidly growing fields along with the now “Top of Mind” Metaverse. They are primarily being used in the Entertainment and Gaming spaces. YEP Nation is applying these technologies for training and marketing purposes. Their Private Virtual Metaverse (PVM) can be used for many training applications. The current metaverse offerings use Low Resolution characters that are “cut-off at the waist”. The PVM employed at YEP Nation uses the same technology that is used in AAA Videogames that have multi-million-dollar budgets to produce. The Sponsor Reallusion supplies the technology for the HD characters and fully supports our mission for young women.


Video Production

YEP Nation has its own studio to record interviews and talent for simulations. The studio is based in Chicago and uses the growing professional acting talent pool for the projects. Live video-based scenarios are an effective tool for courses such as sale training. 


Micro Learning – TrainingBYTES

Micro learning is a rapidly growing area in the e-learning space. TrainingBYTES is designed to deliver short engaging modules that teach one to two topics at a time. 


Mobile Interactive Presentations - PromoBYTES

YEP Nation has developed a mobile interactive presentation. This application is more effective than a website you use on a mobile device. The user can interact with the menu of choices to access any information on a single screen. 

2D/ 3D Animation

2D and 3D Animation can be used for a variety of training purposes from Simulations to Scenario based training.

The Mass Communication Platform at YEP Nation is engaging, customizable, versatile, and affordable.

For more information, please contact RLC and we’ll make the connection!

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