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Tips to Increase Diversity

In the wake of recent events such as racial equality protests, social unrest, and COVID, the need for diversity within our lives and businesses has become paramount. Diversity has been proven to lead towards lasting positive change and more holistic solutions for clients and the companies themselves. Although increasing diversity may seem a small feat, maintaining and increasing supplier diversity within any industry can lead to global and national transformation. Diverse minds and perspectives provide new ideas, thoughts, and leadership for companies and thus, enables them to increase revenues.


There is a great myth out there that finding diverse talent to achieve these goals can come at too high of a cost, the talent doesn’t exist, or that compromises will have to be made. RLC would like to prove this myth wrong with some strategic tips on where to start:


  1. Start by asking for help from experts in the field. RLC specializes in finding and procuring diverse talent and suppliers for companies. The value of such a resource becomes apparent when a company is matched with one of our diverse clients. 

  2. Start by looking inward. Re-evaluate your company's talent pool and supplier base to delve into the places that find the most value.

  3. Diversity comes in many forms and from many areas – it can be gained in numerous places internally and externally – employee networking and hiring, retention, training, development, leadership, community involvement, education, and the scholarship/supplier base.

  4. Ask your network on sites like LinkedIn. Everyone knows someone special.  All you have to do is ask!  


These tips will enable companies to boost revenue, spark innovation, and expand in a meaningful way. As tension in America rises, it's important to reflect on the present and the future, so that diversity can come to the forefront of our collective mindset as a nation. RLC is committed to making lasting change through its services and our diverse network. Feel free to reach out to us! 

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